Anyone have change for a 50?

So this is it… the moment of truth (or elimination for some). But on to the good news. Below is a list of the quarter-finalists writers and their screenplays that have made the illustrious top 50 category as the Judges begin whittling down our massive accumulation of scenes and fade in and fade to black’s

Without any further adieu, we’re proud to present the Top 50 Scripts of the 2009 CSSC. Stay tuned next week same bat time, same bat channel, as we trim the list down to the Top 25.

Congratulations to all of those whose names appear below, the judges had no easy task determining these lucky 50, as we received an overwhelming number of submissions this year from 17 countries worldwide (including Japan and India)!

The 2009 CSSC quarter-finalists (in no particular order) are:

“Jimmy in the Swamp of Gin”, Jacob B. Bailey CAN
“Hostage”, Scott Sullivan USA
“Like Magic”, Judy Vann USA
“The ‘Killer’ Killing”, Katrina Nicholson CAN
“Bentley Burnout”, Allison McWood CAN
“Golden Boys”, Alison Ross CAN
“Minus Lara”, Surita Parmar CAN
“The East Room”, Richard Knight CAN
“8-Ball”, Kris Samraj CAN
“A Wake”, Gordon Gammie CAN

“Sparkly Pink”, Julie Keck USA
“Nicoel”, Daniel Audet CAN
“Trap Wax and Sumac Berries”, Kathy Para CAN
“Just a Push”, Sarah Irvine CAN
“Catching Stars”, Rebecca Bouchier AUS
“Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”, Jeff Wong CAN
“Luck Be A Lady Tonight”, Robert Tomic AUS
“Publish and Perish”, Mark Witteveen USA
“Paul”, Chris Amundson USA
“Gas”, Lee Balles UK

“On Apollo 11”, Nick Andert USA
“Snow”, Kathy-Ann Thomas CAN
“Standard Procedure, You May Proceed”, Evan Jobb CAN
“The Old Stay Young”, Chris Raves CAN
“Sharon’s Rose”, Patrick Leo Nash IRE
“Shakespeare’s Brain”, Allison McWood CAN
“Tainted Love”, J. Jeff Hillard USA
“The Conductor’s Escort”, Carolynne Ciceri CAN
“Something Pointless”, Neil Graham UK
“Writer’s Block”, Sam Patterson CAN

“Cheat ‘Em Fair”, Carey Westbrook USA
“Those Forgotten”, Evan Jobb CAN
“Secrets”, Tim Anderson USA
“The Kicker”, Jag Dhadli CAN
“Ten Year’s Hard Time”, Michael MacDonald USA
“Dinner and a Movie”, James Eric Anzalone USA
“Cards”, Alana Straitton CAN
“Changing Times”, Lee Riley CAN
“The Receptionist”, Sheila Erdmann CAN
“The Most Important Man in the World”, Steven Mayoff CAN

“The Dumb Covenant”, Martin Happer CAN
“When Vengeance Comes Knocking”, Jomo Merritt USA
“Earwig & Santa Claus”, Michael Miller JPN
“Yin & Yang”, Dianne Dempsey, AUS
“The Block”, Matthew Kaufhold USA
“Stalker: A Love Story”, Pamela Nash USA
“Angel Gabrial”, Tony Longo USA
“Keemo The Archer”, Mark Winzer USA
“Thank You For Holding”, Sarah Irvine CAN
“Ashes to Anthrax”, Cat Stewart USA

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The Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, is the premiere short film screenwriting contest for writers worldwide
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